Code Administrators Code of Practice

Code Administration Code of Practice

The Joint Office is committed to operating in line with the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP), published by Ofgem.  Any comments on the Code of Practice or how we can better comply with this would also be very welcome at any time  - email

What is CACoP?

As part of Ofgem’s Code Governance Review, the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP), was established.

The CACoP is a cross energy industry code document and aims to provide consistency in the approach and level of service associated with Codes modification processes. 

The CACoP contains a number of key principles to facilitate consistency, convergence and transparency in code Modification processes and to help protect the interests of small market participants and consumers through various means including increased use of plain English in Change Reports.

Principle 14: Code Administrators shall support prospective energy innovators

This new principle was approved on 17 September 2018 and any applicants seeking to trial an innovative product or service in relation to the UNC should contact the Joint Office who will:

  • Refer queries from energy innovators to Ofgem who will co-ordinate the process for the applicant across all relevant codes.
  • Provide timely and accessible responses to queries.
  • Provide support to parties that are not formally acceded to their code, with Ofgem as a coordinating body.
  • Collaborate with other code administrators to identify issues that overlap with multiple codes, for the purposes of enabling innovative trials.
  • Enable applicants to trial innovations, where applicable, through time limited derogations granted by Ofgem.

Cross Code Engagement (Modifications affecting multiple Codes)

In order to encourage Cross Code Engagement across the industry, Code Administrators have agreed how they will support any modifications affecting two or more Codes.  This is detailed in the Code Administration Joint Working Practice available at:

The Master Registration Agreement (MRA) website also publishes a register of modifications which may have cross code impacts at: 

 CACoP Panel

The Chair and Secretariat services for the CACoP changes every 12 months between each Code Administrator in alphabetical order per Code. From 01 January 2019 to 31 December 2019, this will be the responsibility of Grid Code.  Information with regards to the CACoP Committee meetings and activities can be found via


CACoP News


Code Administrators (CAs) have identified areas of their respective Codes that will likely require changing following our departure from the EU (Brexit).  Ofgem carried out an equivalent exercise for industry licences and consulted on the joint findings in February 2018.

At present, we have not identified any Code provisions that would be inoperable on exit day. The outcome of the negotiations with the EU is not yet finalised nor do we know what implications the EU Withdrawal Bill will have for each Code. 

However, each Code has identified a number of non-substantive changes that would be required, for example, to remove references to EU law. Until the Government publishes details of how EU legislation will be incorporated into UK law, we will not know the full detail of the changes required. 

The extent of the changes will vary from one Code to another. Where changes may be required to ensure fitness for purpose from the day the UK leaves the EU, we will undertake those requisite changes via the normal Code Modification process. We anticipate that, as far as possible, such modifications will follow self-governance. and, similarly, the level of input required from Ofgem will vary also. 

CAs will continue to work with Ofgem to ensure Ofgem and BEIS are aware of Code specific issues and concerns that may require legislative or regulatory support. This will help to ensure continuity from 30 March 2019 onwards, and in the longer term, depending upon the UK’s relationship with the EU.

CAs will ensure that their stakeholders are informed of any announcements that will impact Industry Codes as soon as possible.  

National Grid will be raising the UNC Modification Proposal and they have identified references to EU legislation that would need redirection to UK legislation and other minor changes (eg: removal of references to ACER and ENTSOG) in case of a no deal scenario.  No operability issues have been identified on exit day.

National Grid are proceeding on the basis of a no-deal outcome:

  • BEIS is drafting Statutory Instruments, due to be published in December.
  • On the 08th February 2019, Modification 0680 - UNC Changes as a Consequence of 'no deal' United Kingdom Exit from the European Union was raised.

Horizon Scan

Please find attached the latest CACoP Horizon Scan, which provides the Code Administrators combined view of the key the key legislative and regulatory changes expected to impact the industry. These are true at the time of publication and are intended for indicative purposes only. The horizon Scan will be used by Code Administrator's to co-ordinate any changes that have cross code impacts.

CACoP 2019 Forward Work Plan

The CACoP Forward Work Plan for 2019 was agreed by all CACoP parties. This shows the aims of CACoP which are reflected in the deliverables for this year. The document can be found here.  A face to face event is scheduled for 16th July in London to promote CACoP.

CACoP Newsletter

As part of the work plan for 2019, a newsletter has been developed and this can be found below.