Performance Assurance Committee


In addition to the scheme documentation within the remit of PAC that is shown below, the Framework document and the Performance Assurance Report Register (PARR) can be found in our UNC Related Documents - TPD section: /tpddocs

The Performance Assurance Framework Administrator (PAFA) provides a secure web-based Huddle portal for Members to access confidential information prepared by the PAFA. The Joint Office will inform PAFA of new PAC members so the PAFA can send new PAC members an invitation to join Huddle and grant access to the PAFA systems and reporting information with a high-level description of how to use it. Members will have access to all confidential information previously published for PAC Members.


This Committee is held to review, consider and develop Performance Assurance related matters and solutions.


Meeting Location:    Teleconference/Solihull/London

Main Meeting Date:  Monthly (2nd Tuesday)


Chair:         Rebecca Hailes

Secretary:  Helen Cuin


Correspondence relating to this Sub-committee can be sent to:


Telephone enquiries:  0121 288 2107


Shipper Members - From 01 October 2019


Alison Wiggett

Carl Whitehouse

Karen Kennedy

Lisa Saycell

Louise Hellyer

Mark Jones

Mark Bellman

Sallyann Blackett

Sean Cooper


Transporter Members

Alex Travell

Sally Hardman

Leteria Beccano


Standing Alternates

Alexander Mann or Steve Mulinganie for Lisa Saycell

Brandon Rodrigues for Alex Travell

Clare Cantle-Jones for Mark Jones

David Mitchell for Sally Hardman

Shiv Singh for Sally Hardman

Kirsty Dudley for Sallyann Blackett

Tracey Saunders for Leteria Beccano

Richard Pomroy for Leteria Beccano




Committee Meetings
Tue 10 December 2019
Tue 12 November 2019
Tue 8 October 2019
Tue 10 September 2019
Tue 13 August 2019
Wed 17 July 2019
Tue 9 July 2019
Thu 4 July 2019
Tue 11 June 2019
Fri 24 May 2019
Tue 14 May 2019
Tue 9 April 2019
Tue 12 March 2019
Tue 12 February 2019
Tue 29 January 2019
Tue 8 January 2019
Tue 11 December 2018
Tue 20 November 2018
Mon 12 November 2018
Mon 5 November 2018
Tue 23 October 2018
Tue 9 October 2018
Wed 26 September 2018
Tue 11 September 2018
Mon 3 September 2018
Mon 6 August 2018
Wed 25 July 2018
Tue 10 July 2018
Mon 25 June 2018
Tue 12 June 2018
Tue 8 May 2018