Change Proposals


With effect from 01 April 2017, the Joint Office of Gas Transporters are required to publish all Change Proposals in support of the CDSP Service Document - Change Managament Procedures and the Change Management Committee.


Change Proposals will incorporate:

   (a)     a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Request

            or ROM Report in respect of a Modification Service Change;

   (b)     the Change Proposal;

   (c)     an Evaluation Quotation Report (EQR);

   (d)     a Business Evaluation Report (BER);

   (e)     a Change Completion Report (CCR); and

   (f)      any revision of the above.



For further please refer to the Change Management Committee meetings at:


23 June 2017 CP4262_BER EU Gas Change Roadmap220.43 KB
31 May 2017 XRN4280 - Adhoc Interruption Auction - Summer 2017168.99 KB
26 May 2017 CP4279 - SND Appointment166.57 KB
28 April 2017 XRN4268 - Date change for extraction and provision of DDS Annual Refresh files516.07 KB
19 April 2017 XRN4250 - Citizens Advice Bureau Continued Access to DES91.11 KB

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